Industry analysis and industry segment analysis are used to identify, understand, and capitalize on niches. Advances in technology make niche strategies more important than ever, as big data drives segmentation to a market size of one.

Our focus is on analysis of those product/market segments that are not covered by First Research and IBIS. We specialize in product segments that are more granular than syndicated information services provide.

Our research is used by companies, PE firms, and family offices to support their strategic initiatives. Applications have included the design of acquisition and divestiture strategies, market segmentation, design of niche strategies, creation of competitive strategies, due diligence, and forecasting.

Our analytics are commonly requested by or presented to C level executives and boards. Our analytic support has included:

• Identification of supply chain participants and mapping of flows

  – manufacturers and contract manufacturers for each brand

  – customers/distributors

  – competitors

  – component and raw material suppliers to manufacturers

• Identification and classification of niche strategies

• Market Segmentation including Branding and Brand Value Strategies

• Identification and analysis of relevant local, state and federal government regulation

• Identification of risks and opportunities from new and forecast future technologies

• Emerging market analysis and strategy creation

• Outsourcing feasibility and implementation

• Strategic Planning, Board Development and Corporate Governance

• Benchmarking

• Econometrics using statistical methods to identify and understand demand drivers and estimate demand

Our econometric analysis unveils economic drivers and relationships in industry segments that are either little known or unknown. We conduct longitudinal analysis and identify economic variables that drive your financial metrics. Identifying causal relationships permits a business owner to better forecast profitability, volatility and liquidity.

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– There are far more industry market segments than there are industries. An analysis done for a particular NAICS code will not be relevant to all its subsegments. You have to get granular.

Mulitvariate Regression

– Multivariate regression is a powerful tool to identify leading, lagging and coincidental economic drivers of a industry or segment.