Mergers & acquisitions advisory for middle market companies


We are a premier lower middle market M&A firm specializing in companies with revenues from $10-$250mm. Few have the depth of financial analysis experience and fewer have our portfolio management experience. The first means nothing without the second. We’ve lived with the projections and decisions we’ve made. As a result, we do the most through analysis, most insightful diligence, and produce the best writing so that you obtain the highest sale price for your company..

The essence of M&A is the analytics that goes into it. It’s about understanding the sale candidate, its strategies and its fit with the acquirer. Our methodology is to conduct diagnostic tests, understand the causation, grasp multifactorial influences, identify disabilities, create courses of treatment, and monitor for progress. Maximization of shareholder value is the goal when conducting M&A.

The percentage of enterprise value of the S&P 500 that is attributable to Intellectual Capital has grown from 17% in 1979 to 80% today. Tangible assets return 7.0%; intangible assets return 10.5%. Without a grasp of the drivers of the creation and existence of Intellectual Capital, neither a correct valuation or sale or purchase of a company can be made.

Exit planning – the front end of mergers and acquisitions – should start several years in advance, and, ideally, shortly after the creation of the company. We assist in the sell-side to monetize their company, divisions, or assets; creating the exit strategy; and identifying the work necessary to maximize the value of the company, including the Intellectual Capital.

On the buy-side, we do more than just find compatible candidates. We identify opportunities for growth and margin improvement, conduct Intellectual Capital Audits to ensure you are buying a company that will survive and prosper, identify compatible tuck-in acquisitions, assess industry statistics and trends, assist with post-closing items, and identify acquisition finance. We conduct:

  • shareholder value maximization strategies including identification of key processes and practices
  • cross-border / international mergers and acquisitions
  • due diligence to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • strategic market planning
  • analysis of market share and industry concentration
  • evaluation of profitability by product, customer and distribution channel
  • analysis of organizational infrastructure strengths and weaknesses
  • benchmarking / competitor analysis / industry analysis
  • financial modeling, forecasting, and valuation
  • optimization of working capital and supply chain management

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– Merge, or diverge. We can help do the analytics regarding M&A. It’s all about the fit.

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– Analytics – understanding the revenue model, the processes, the Human, Structural and Relational Capital – are critical to Mergers and Acquisitions.