Strategic marketing to increase a company's competitiveness


Strategic marketing is the process of:
• analyzing your customers’ needs,
• analyzing competing product offerings, and
• risking and allocating scarce company resources in the search for a complete and cohesive marketing
program that gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Many companies don’t allocate time to create cohesive strategic marketing plans based upon current or changing market conditions nor do they do so in a truly integrated and congruent manner using today’s technologies. We will assist you in creating a strategic marketing plan by:

Segmenting the market using segmentation variables including:
⇒ Geographic and Demographic
⇒ Psychographic and Behavioral
Analyzing the market segments:
⇒ Customer needs
⇒ Segment size and revenue potential
⇒ Market share potential and profit potential
Establishing Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking against competitors:
⇒ Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
Developing a cohesive marketing strategy:
⇒ Quality leader or price/low cost leader
⇒ Manufacture in-house or outsource
⇒ Develop new products or product line extensions.
⇒ Mass market or target market
⇒ Engage in B2B, B2C, and/or ecommerce
⇒ Optimize SEO, PPC, and Social Networking
Creating the strategic marketing plan:
⇒ Situational Analysis – Determining where the company is now.
⇒ Marketing Objectives – Deciding what direction the company should go.
⇒ New Product Development Plan
⇒ Marketing Communications Plan
⇒ Customer Service and Sales Development Plans

Private equity firms looking to acquire platform companies will pay the highest price for your company, but only if you have a cohesively developed strategic marketing plan. We can help.

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Strategic Marketing Plan for M&A

– Even if everything is correct, a review of your strategic marketing plan well ahead of selling the company will permit you to articulate your plan to prospective buyers.

Strategic Marketing for mergers and acquisitions

– The technology of marketing has changed for many products and industries. If your company isn’t completely engaged and up-to-date on SEO, PPC, and Social Media, it is leaving money on the table.