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If you are thinking about selling your company, you should know that we are working with private equity firms, family offices and strategic buyers to identify companies that meet their investment requirements. If you own a company that fits in any of the following categories and meets the investment criteria, or you are on the buy-side and need assistance in identifying the right acquisition candidate, please contact us.

Acquisitions in the following areas are desired:

 1) Healthcare IT
 2) Legacy Enterprise Software Applications
 3) IT Solutions/Systems Integration
 4) Sensor Technology

 5) Food & Beverage and Agribusiness and Agriculture
 6) Fire Protection
 7) Tubing Manufacturers
 8) Confectionery and Chocolate

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1) Healthcare IT

 • Medical billing

 • Revenue cycle management

 • Medical transcription companies

Sales: =>$10 mm

Region: North America

Qualifying companies will be offered a purchase price of two times (200%) trailing twelve months’ revenue for MB/RCM companies with $10M+ revenue or one and one-half times (150%) for MB/RCM companies with $5M-$10M revenue; or one and one-half times (150%) for any MT companies with $5+ revenue. The owners of the acquired companies would have the option to remain involved in the new company to assist in growth activities. The ideal candidates will have annual revenues of $10 million or greater, no proprietary software, and no significant offshore operations. However, slightly smaller companies as indicated above and other variables will be considered.

2) Legacy Enterprise Software Applications

Legacy enterprise software applications, with strong recurring revenues from established clients.

Sales: $1 million – $10 million, although larger will be considered

Region: North-east North America, but will venture further

3) IT Solutions/Systems Integration

 IT Solutions/Systems Integration in any of 7 Horizontals:

 • Web Technologies

 • Mobile Application Development

 • Database Development and Administration

 • Business Intelligence


 • Big Data/QA

 • Infrastructure support

IT Solutions/Systems Integration revenue with some preference to Staff Augmentation

Sales: $2 million – $10 million, although larger will be considered

Region: North America

Must have a strong Management team and Business Development staff/Account managers with a proven track record

4) Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology in the following areas:

 • Linear Positioning Sensor that eliminates the Sonic Sensor in use currently, reducing their production costs significantly and extending their battery life for wireless solutions

 • Multi-sensor array using our IP (Linear Positioning or Object Detection Sensors) in combination with traditional sensor means, including technologies that expand their feature and functions

 • Mobile, Computer and POTS solutions for Base Station and Maintenance reporting (WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, P15ARF). Integrating to other ‘emergency’ systems or legacy Safety and Security Systems

 • Environmental Sensors (Air Quality Monitoring and Power Metering and Control) that provide audit information for states of change under various environmental conditions, expanding their current offerings

 • Emergency and Maintenance audio and visual notification to geo positioning and beaconing life safety systems, (Oxygen, Fire Extinguishers, Asset and Facility Management) including technologies that provide competitive advantages to their current offerings

Sales: $0.5 million – $50 million, although larger will be considered

Region: North America

Industries: Any, but emphasizing Healthcare, Security, Food and Beverage, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Automobile, Transportation, Oil & Gas: upstream, midstream and downstream

5) Food & Beverage and Agribusiness and Agriculture

Acquisitions throughout the supply chain in food and agriculture.

Transaction values: Between $5-$40 million are desired, and can consist of a series of smaller transactions in certain cases.

 • Production

Agriculture and Agribuisness Inputs: Seeds, Fertilizer

Agriculture and Agribuisness PP&E: Production Storage

Water: Treatment Irrigation

Production Assets: Crops / Carbohydrates, Livestock / Protein

 • Food Processing

Primary Processing: Crops / Carbohydrates, Livestock / Animal Protein

Further Processing: Food, Non-food

Storage / Distribution: Perishable

Food Manufacturing: Branded, Private Label

Confectionery Manufacturing: Branded, Private Label

 • Foodservice / Retail

Distribution: Wholesale, Direct

Traditional Grocery: Perishable, Ambient

Non-traditional: Club / Mass, Convenience/ Drug

Foodservice: Restaurants, Institutional

6) Fire Protection

Companies engaged in the inspection and servicing of fire extinguishers and/or sprinkler systems.

Sales: $1 million and up for tuck-in, $10 million and up for platform

Region: Mid-East and Mid-West.

7) Tubing Manufacturers

Ferrous – carbon and stainless – and non-ferrous metal tubing manufacturers, seamed and seamless.

Sales: $5 million to $50 million

Region: Continental U.S.

7) Confectionery and Chocolate

Confectionery and Chocolate manufacturers

 • Chocolate

 • Caramels

 • Dodol

 • Dragée

 • Fondant

 • Fudge

 • Halvah

 • Hard sweets

 • Jelly candies

 • Licorice

 • Marshmallow

 • Marzipan

 • Mithai

 • Tablet

 • Taffy or chews

Sales: $0.5 million to $50 million

Region: Continental U.S. and Canada

Distribution: Confectionery: Distributes to retailers

Distribution: Chocolate: Can distribute to retailers or use e-commerce