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Pegasus Intellectual Capital Solutions was founded by Charles Smith, Managing Partner. He is industry agnostic, assists executives and business owners in capital raising; conducting mergers & acquisitions; advising on restructuring, reorganization and bankruptcy; and executing shareholder value maximization strategies. He is proficient in quantitative methods applied to industry analysis, a thought leader on the effect of the logarithmic growth of technology on corporate governance in privately held companies, and is the resident expert in the food, beverage, agribusiness, ag technology “ag tech” and agriculture investment banking space, as well as the head of the firm’s extractive industries, energy, and oil and gas practice.

His achievements have included:

  • Financing the first and only hostile takeover of a company by its employees in U.S. history.
  • Structuring a $132mm PV monetization of royalty payments for a company that was capital constrained.
  • Structuring the first-ever intercreditor agreement providing for ratable treatment between the bank debt and public debt that later became the industry standard, in his co-agented bank financing for Del Monte Corporation leveraged buyout from RJ Reynolds and subsequent refinancing.
  • Crafted the first-of-its kind global split up of a company (Del Monte) to reduce an acquisition bridge loan, including the licensing of the IP to the three geographic entities: North America, Europe, and Far East.
  • Organizing the first-ever foreign bank blocking vote/joint legal representation negotiating group in U.S. bankruptcy history, holding $350mm of a $1 billion senior bank claim.
  • Conceiving of and chairing the committee for the first-ever sale of equity, prior to a bankruptcy plan vote, in U.S. bankruptcy history, to Apollo Management lead by Leon Black, and negotiated against Wilbur Ross, in one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history.

Charles was an instructor of Marketing at the University of Iowa, graduated cum laude from Iowa State University of Science and Technology, received his MBA with concentrations in Finance and Marketing from the University of Iowa, is a member of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors, Association for Corporate Growth, Alpha Zeta, The World Aquaculture Society, the Licensing Executives Society, the Intellectual Property Owners Association, the Knowledge Management Institute, the Association for Information Management, The Human Capital Institute, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and Mensa, and is a frequent contributor to Accredited Investor Markets and

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Charles Smith

Managing Partner

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Charles Smith

– Although industry agnostic, Charles possesses deep knowledge in Food, Beverage, Agribusiness, Ag Tech, and Agriculture.. Raised on a farm, he received his B.S. in Agriculture at Iowa State University with honors, and is a member of Alpha Zeta. His clients have included Cargill, Del Monte, Hostess, and Pillsbury.

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– His experience includes the entire supply chain from inputs to end products: oil and gas; mining; rail, trucking, barge, and ocean shipping; storage, terminals, and warehouses; equipment manufacturing, slaughter to further processing; and consumer products. While the M&A market has been muted, the food, beverage, agribusiness and Oil & gas sectors for mergers & acquisitions has been active and improving.