Turnaround management can rescue your company if done early


Turnaround management is a process of corporate renewal. It uses analysis and planning to save troubled companies and return them to solvency. It involves management review, activity based costing, root failure causes analysis, and SWOT analysis. Once analyses are completed, a long term strategic plan and restructuring plan are created and implemented.

There are times when your company can get derailed in spite of your hardest work and best laid plans. Unexpected economic conditions, competitor actions, a lost customer, or disruptive technology can all challenge your company’s survival.

Our Operational Turnaround practice works side-by-side with company employees. We are hands-on, work inside-the-company,identifying opportunities for cost reductions and revenue enhancements, and manage liquidity. Each case is unique

Speed of execution is critical to success. We will stabilize the company, conduct analyses to identify opportunities for improvement and move straight to execution.

Most engagements require marshaling of current cash, income enhancement, and a balance sheet fix. We will create a detailed 13-week cash flow analysis, marshal the know cash, identification of profitability drivers, creation of a plan to improve profitability, and with these steps taken, execute a recapitalization of the company.

We’ve worked with clients from all sides of the table, and understand their positions. While borrowers and banks are commonly our clients, we work with private equity firms, creditor committees, and individual stockholders. We can help you with:

• Managment review

• Activity based costing / profitability analysis by customer, product, region, plant

• Root cause failure analysis

• SWOT analysis

• Implementation of the strategic and turnaround plan

• Capital raising

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Bankruptcy clock striking midnight

– Early detection is critical to retaining and increasing shareholder value to be successful at turnaround management.

Happy customer

– The successful completion of a turnaround requires early detection and action. Once started, progress is rapid and the gratification is profound.