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Strategic investors in the following areas are desired:

 1) Organic Fertilizer and Organic Animal/Aquaculture Feed Facility
 2) Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
 3) Sensor Technology
 4) Healthcare Services


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1) Organic Fertilizer and Organic Animal/Aquaculture Feed Facility

Investment sought: =>$20 mm

Region: Canada

A non-US strategic investor is sought for a Canadian Organic Fertilizer and Organic Animal/Aquaculture Feed Facility. The facility will produce:

• organic fertilizer for vegetable operations subject to FDA bans on the use of manure, or

• organic animal feed program.

• duckweed,Lemnoideae that can be used as a high protein feed supplement in a sustainable aquaculture operation.

2) Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Investment Sought: Stage 1 = $4mm with $5-6 already committed. Stage 2 = $100 mm.

Estimate Run Rate: Revenues: $120 mm, EBITDA: $22-24 mm.

Due to changes in technology and the mandated increase in billing codes under the Affordable Healthcare Act, a group of industry experts with track records of success in building companies, will whiteboard a new state-of-the-art revenue cycle management program creating the only truly functional end to end system. Stage I is an acquisition of an identified platform, and Stage II includes series of acquisitions for customer acquisition.

3) Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology in the following areas:

 • Linear Positioning Sensor that eliminates the Sonic Sensor in use currently, reducing their production costs significantly and extending their battery life for wireless solutions

 • Multi-sensor array using our IP (Linear Positioning or Object Detection Sensors) in combination with traditional sensor means, including technologies that expand their feature and functions

 • Mobile, Computer and POTS solutions for Base Station and Maintenance reporting (WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, P15ARF). Integrating to other ‘emergency’ systems or legacy Safety and Security Systems

 • Environmental Sensors (Air Quality Monitoring and Power Metering and Control) that provide audit information for states of change under various environmental conditions, expanding their current offerings

 • Emergency and Maintenance audio and visual notification to geo positioning and beaconing life safety systems, (Oxygen, Fire Extinguishers, Asset and Facility Management) including technologies that provide competitive advantages to their current offerings

Sales: $0.5 million – $50 million, although larger will be considered

Region: North America

Industries: Any, but emphasizing Healthcare, Security, Food and Beverage, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Automobile, Transportation, Oil & Gas: upstream, midstream and downstream