Case studies in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring


Capital Raising under duress

Capital Raising during the crisis: an acquisition financing closed in December 2008 under extreme time constraints as the economy slipped into its deep recession and the lending market was collapsing.

Identification of demand drivers

Identification of demand drivers: analysis of the commercial aviation industry using longitudinal/time series analysis of a composite of the industry, and application of multi-variate regression to (1) identify economic drivers of demand, and (2) measure their relative contribution to changes in demand.

Industry analysis

Industry analysis: a determination of demand drivers and leading indicators of demand for off-airport parking.

Global market segmentation

Global market segmentation: a sale of IP; and the structuring of the first-ever intercreditor agreement providing for ratable treatment between the bank debt and public bonds that later became the industry standard. A refinancing of the buyout debt of Del Monte under adverse market conditions, requiring original thought, and resulting in two innovations that endure as a standard to today.

Interco Logo

Mergers and Acquisitions: one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history, resulting in two innovations, one of which involved mergers and acquisitions, with the company being sold to Apollo Group..

IP monetization

IP monetization: An unconventional capital raising for an electronics company with legacy intellectual property, a robust royalty stream and very limited access to the capital markets.